The Eater of Worlds- Friday Flash


By Melissa L. Webb


From the moment I crawled out of the pit, the world changed. Contorting and shifting, reality changed to suit my needs. Fear rose in people’s hearts as hate boiled in the streets. The days of innocence had gone, fleeing faster than rats disturbed in the night.

I was welcomed into this world by the cries of the tormented and the howls of the damned. It was them who had marked my place in this world. They had dishonored their home so much, that it had been tossed away by those who had sworn to protect it.

Now unguarded and detested, this world was mine to take. And I would take it. I would use it until there was nothing left. I would violate everything, causing the world to be bled of every tear it had to shed. The prostitution of a planet was what I thrived on. It was what I was created to do.

I smiled as I stood back from the mirror and straightened my tie. I was the Destroyer of Civilizations, the Eater of Worlds, and I was damn proud of it.

The door to the room opened and a woman stuck her head in. “They’ll be ready for you in five minutes, Mr. President.”

“Thank you, Rachael,” I spoke as she shut the door. Looking in the mirror, I smiled once again. This world wasn’t ready for me at all.

©2010 Melissa L. Webb


18 thoughts on “The Eater of Worlds- Friday Flash

  1. nice debut, in the UK I think he would be a banker rather than the president. Love any fiction where the world is under threat… great stuff.

  2. I love the brevity of this, and the way the shift happens from something SciFi and monster-fight to something much more subtle. There is, as John points out, an Omen atmosphere to the world leader is evil theme, but very nicely done.

  3. ha, the President getting his ‘game’ head on. Very well written and I particularly liked the building megalomania of the paragraph beginning “Now unguarded and detested…”

    Welcome to our community (don’t eat us please). You’ve served us up a lovely little gem with your debut

  4. LOVE this…this could have been a certain president, say back in 2000…in fact, I often thought he had this conversation with himself. 🙂

    Great writing!

  5. “I was welcomed into this world by the cries of the tormented and the howls of the damned.” Isn’t that always the way?

    Welcome to #FridayFlash

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