Some Dance to Remember -Friday Flash


By Melissa L. Webb


Hope slipped into the purple dress and zipped up the side. She crossed the room and stood in front of the mirror as she admired herself.

The corners of her mouth tugged up into a weary smile. It still fit. After all that had happened, the dress still fit. Hope studied her reflection in the mirror. She almost looked like that young girl again. If it wasn’t for the wrinkles and the silver hair, she could almost believe she had slipped back in time when she had put on that dress.

Sighing, Hope stepped away from the mirror. She knew a dress could change nothing. The events had already been played out and her Edward was gone.

Oh, but how Eddie had loved that dress on her. He would always take her into his arms and call her his Lavender Queen.

Hope giggled as she moved the needle onto the groove of the record; the player began to play their song.

She whirled as she crossed the room, lost in her memories. Eddie had been such a great dancer. His movements had even inspired her two left feet.

“Oh, Eddie,” Hope wept as she splashed a little perfume on. It had been Eddie’s favorite.

She moved from the vanity, her feet following the memories of Eddie’s. Hope closed her eyes as the music echoed through the room, reminding her of better days.

“Hope,” spoke a voice in her ear.

Her eyes snapped opened in surprise. Hope stared at the man standing before her. Her hand went to her mouth, her fingers trembling. “Eddie?”

“Hello, Darling,” he said through a grin as his arms went around her.

“Oh, Eddie. I can’t believe it,” Hope cried as she clung to him. “How can it be you?”

He leaned in, taking in the scent of her. “A love this strong opens many doors, my love.”

Hope moved back from him, wanting to verify that this was real. That it was really happening. “Eddie,” she spoke, shocked, as she looked at him. “You’re so young.”

The man standing in front of her wasn’t the one she had laid to rest. This was the Edward she had fallen in love with, that beautiful golden boy from the east.

He chuckled as he pulled her close once again. “I am as I should be, just as you are…” Eddie grinned widely as he moved her in front of the mirror.

Hope gasped in shock. She was young once again. Laughing as she shook her long black tresses, Hope turned and faced Eddie. “But how is this possible?”

He looked down at her. “It’s what you deserve, my Lavender Queen. It’s what we deserve,” Eddie whispered to her. “This is our reward.”

Hope wrapped her arms around him, feeling his warmth against her once again. “Eddie, I’ve missed you so much,” she spoke into his chest.

“As have I, Darling,” he whispered back to her. “As have I.” Eddie twirled her away from him. “But the loneliness is over. May I have this dance, Hope?”

She looked at him, tears in her eyes. “Of course, Eddie. Now and forever.”

He closed his eyes as he pulled Hope close once again. “Thank you, my love.”

They danced in each other’s arms until the sunlight crept into the room. Then, still holding each other close, they faded from the room, leaving nothing behind except the body on the bed. It wore a purple dress and a deep look of peace on its face.

©2010 Melissa L. Webb


22 thoughts on “Some Dance to Remember -Friday Flash

  1. If anyone asks, that’s how I want to go.

    You took tragedy and sapped all the pain out of it, like fossilized wood, replaced with shining minerals of deserved romance. Quite a feat.

  2. I kept looking for the twist at the end. Honestly, it wasn’t the one I was expecting. I guess I’ve been reading too much gruesome fiction! This had a much sweeter ending than where I thought it was going, which is nice for a change.

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  4. Wow, this was just beautiful.

    Fantastic job! This piece had me ready to start crying from the first third on.

    You really know how to evoke emotion…just beautiful.

  5. beautiful piece- i loved it 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    i followed the link on koreen’s blog and now i’m following you! i look forward to many more great posts and im about to check out some of the previous ones!

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