From The Murky Depths- Friday Flash


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By Melissa L. Webb

The fog hung heavily around the ship, cutting it off from the ocean beyond. The sound of water lapping lazily against the hull was the only thing that could be heard.

Johnny sighed as he laid the mop aside and moved further down the aft, eyeing the swirling wall of haze before him. The time was right. If he was ever going to do this, it had to be now.

He turned and scanned the ship behind him. Johnny had to be sure he was alone. The rest of the crew was sleeping off last night festivities. He should have some time before anyone awoke.

He pulled several black candles from his pocket and fixed them to the rail in front of him. He quickly created a spark, bringing the candles to life. Their flames danced brightly in the cool morning light.

Johnny glanced quickly over his shoulder again. He had to make this fast. He couldn’t risk his shipmates finding him. No one could ever know about this.

He sighed again. It had to be done. Johnny knew that. Someone had to put an end to Captain Read’s tyranny. How many shipmates had been lost to the Captain’s greed? It couldn’t go on. He had to be stopped.

Johnny trembled slightly as he watched the fog dance around the ship. He had to get control of himself. He could do this. His mother had taught him well. Bringing his dagger forward, he leaned over the ship and stared down at the water below him.

Johnny closed his eyes, trying to find the courage inside him. He had to do this. He would make a better captain then Read. The men liked him. He could lead them to their destiny without anymore unnecessary bloodshed.

He took a deep breath and slid the blade across his palm. Blood welled up in its wake, turning the palm a deep crimson. Johnny grimaced slightly as he squeezed his hand into a fist, causing his blood to pool on top of the water and then sink below.

He stepped back quickly and pressed a stained rag to the cut. With a deep breath, Johnny cast his eyes once again to the fog and pulled at the energy radiating deep inside of him.

The fog shimmered before evaporating slightly, revealing more of the ocean around him. Johnny closed his eyes and stood tall, letting the energy surge through him. “Aye, come forth mighty Le’iathan. I summon you,” he spoke firmly, his voice dripping with power. “Arrr, prince o’ Hell. Me command you t’ do my biddin’.”

Johnny took a step back as the boat rocked suddenly. The water churned loudly as a shape rose up before him.

It was all black shadows with a hint of darker things behind. Johnny averted his eyes quickly, fearing what he might see take shape in that blackness.

“Why have you disturbed me, mortal?” A deep voice growled, causing the ship to shudder slightly.

Johnny took another step back. “You gi’e aid t’ those who be powerful enough t’ deser’e it. I am in need o’ such help now.”

Dark red eyes formed in the inky black of the shape. “That is true. I do give aid to those whose power calls to me.” The eyes blinked slowly. “You think you are such a person?”

Johnny nodded. “Aye. I do.” A deep rich laugh sounded from behind him. He had no time to turn around as a black shadowed tentacle snaked around his body and lifted him into the air.

Leviathan looked down at Johnny as he thrashed in his grip, his eyes burning brightly. “I do not answer to you, mortal.”

Footsteps sounded loudly on the deck, causing Johnny to look down. The Captain stood there, smiling up at him.

“Aye, nice try, Johnny me boy, but the Le’iathan answers t’ no one but me,” Captain Read told him, his voice thick with amusement. “Arrr, how else do you think I became Captain in the first place?”

The Captain’s laugh rang out, loud and clear in the fresh morning air as Leviathan disappeared, dragging Johnny to his watery grave below.

©2010 Melissa L. Webb

11 thoughts on “From The Murky Depths- Friday Flash

  1. That’s what you get for playing around with magical creatures, I guess. I love how this felt authentic in tone and language throughout. This read like it was written by someone who had spent a lot of time by the sea. You captured the feel of the period too. Great job on this one Melissa.

  2. Oh, the bitter irony…. Good story here, Melissa. I’m not too sure about the “pirate-speak” though. It’s tough to read and doesn’t seem accurate. Still, that’s just details. I enjoyed the story overall. I’ve written about the leviathan myself in the past. A fascinating creature, he is; always to be counted on for menace and mayhem.

  3. Arr, Johnny aught not be messing with powers beyond ’em, that’s what I be thinking. Trust in ye blade, not in the beasties of the sea least ye be swimming with the fishes. Good tale, lass.

  4. A nice try indeed. His mother had taught him well, but he hadn’t learned well enough. And you don’t get second chances with such creatures, or captains.

    This ran smoothly from start to finish. A real good feel to it.

    Well done.

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