Trick or Treat- Friday Flash

In honor of the holiday, I offer up this little tale of Halloween mischief. 

May your candy bags be full and may the Great Pumpkin grace you with his presence this fine Hallow’s Eve.

Happy Halloween, Everyone!


By Melissa L. Webb

Franklin set the tray of apples on the table. Their caramel coating still needed to harden. He smiled as he took a step back and admired his work. This was going to be a perfect Halloween.

Franklin left the dining room, making his way towards the front windows in the living room. He gazed out at the decorations adorning his front yard. Year after year, his yard had stood empty on All Hallow’s Eve, but not tonight. Tonight it was covered in brand new decorations, all eagerly awaiting the trick-or-treaters’ arrival.

For too long, people had complained of his darkened house on Halloween night. The rest of the street was festive and cheery, receiving all the children with open arms. While his house had stood cold and menacing, causing visitors to flee from its sight.

The children brave enough to show their displeasure, would leave their calling cards all over his property. Every year on November 1st, Franklin would spend his day cleaning up toilet paper, eggs, and bags filled with canine droppings. Enough was enough; it was time to do something about it.

Tonight he would celebrate this holiday right. The greedy little kids with their out-stretched hands would get what’s coming to them. A trick in the form of a treat. That would teach them. They should have left Franklin to his dark house on Halloween night, instead of insisting he participate.

He grinned to himself as he watched the sky grow darker. It was almost time. Soon the trick-or-treaters would be knocking at his door. Franklin would smile and comment on their wonderful costumes, and then each child would receive one of his homemade caramel apples.

Each one contained an extra ingredient. One he so thoughtfully picked out. Once that ingredient made its way into their systems, he would have his revenge.

Franklin chuckled. There was nothing like a poisoned apple to liven up a holiday. Yes, indeed, this was going to be the best Halloween ever.

A sound behind him pulled Franklin from his thoughts. He turned slightly, seeing his wife standing there.

“I don’t know what changed your mind about Halloween, Franklin, but I’m glad it did. This used to be my favorite holiday,” she told him, dabbing at her mouth with a napkin.

Franklin watched in horror as she licked some caramel from her fingers.

When the last bit of the sticky sweetness was gone, she smiled at him. “I didn’t know you were such a good cook, Franklin. Those caramel apples are simply to die for.”

©2010 Melissa L. Webb

14 thoughts on “Trick or Treat- Friday Flash

  1. I hope for his (and his wife’s sake) that the poison isn’t of the deadly variety. Still no fun for her or the poor kids he’s targeting. But really, what parent would let their kid eat an unwrapped homemade treat nowadays? Good story!

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