It Killed The Cat- Friday Flash

Curious Chartreux cat on tree looking downwards.

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By Melissa L. Webb

Curiosity is a strange thing. It’s overpowering, forcing you to your knees. It doesn’t matter how long you fight it, curiosity will win in the end. Every single time.

It gnaws at your edges, consuming you slowly until there is nothing left to do but seek out that one thing haunting your mind.

Curiosity has you hooked at this point. All you can do is squirm as it pulls you down into the unknown, where knowledge is lurking in the shadows, waiting to sink its teeth into you.

I know this more than anyone. I have seen it happen time and time again. It’s all I can think about as I prepare my cursed objects. The world will suffer and all because I laid my curious wares out on this table and opened my shop for the day.

© 2011 Melissa L. Webb


14 thoughts on “It Killed The Cat- Friday Flash

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  2. Oh, nasty, nasty, nasty. The greatest harm can be done by those who really understand people.

    You have a wonderfully wicked character here.

    Excellent stuff.

  3. Or the shop owner could just be under some delusion of having powers? We’ll never know, but either way, they are on a different journey to the rest of us. I like the fact that we know very little about this character, not even their sex, and yet we do know they have a bad side and hope to do bad things. Yikes!

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  5. Hatred is a terrible consuming thing, and hatred showed as if it were as natural as breathing is freaking scary. So a short piece and so powerful. I would have liked to know more; maybe the details about the destruction… then again, we all have our idea of terrible, so maybe leaving everything to the imagination was just as powerful. I guess I would be one of those cut by the curiosity blade.

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