Cockroaches and Peeps

Pink Marshmallow Peeps

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By Melissa L. Webb


I placed the small pink marshmallow chick inside the circle and backed up. This would show them how serious I was. You don’t treat me like dirt and expect me to take it.

I walked around the outside of the circle, checking for any breaks in the chalk. This had to be done right. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that dark magic has to be done perfectly.

I picked up the book, tracing the leather cover with my fingertips. How lucky I was to have found this thing buried in my basement. I’ve seen my path now. I know what must be done. They must pay for everything.

I flipped through the book, the pages automatically turning to the ritual. The book was as hungry for retribution as I was. Quickly lighting the candles, I placed the blood according to the pictures in the book. Glancing at my watch, I knew time was fleeting. I had to act fast.

I scanned the room, insuring everything was in place. It was time. Now they would be sorry. Those kids who got to go places on their Spring Break and the ones who got gifts from their parents, like video game systems and the newest cell phones, they all would suffer.

As would my parents. They never even acknowledge me, let alone take me places and buy me things. This night would change everything. I glanced down at the ritual and raised my voice to the unseen world around me, the words on the paper flowing freely from me as if I had been born to speak them.

The candlelight flickered as the circle glowed, tinting the room a bright crimson. Chanting, my voice grew until it boomed like thunder. The marshmallow twitched as my words seemed to infect it. The chick shuttered and a roar emerged from somewhere deep inside that pink sugar.

My words cut off, the spell climaxing, sealing my fate forever. I watched as the marshmallow grew, the pink chick dwarfing me as it filled the room. I stood there in awe as its red eyes glowed down at me.

A laugh burst from my lips in delight. I had done it. This Easter treat would provide me with my enemy’s destruction. I would be immortalized and revenged at the same time. People would soon know who I was. They would care what I thought of them. They would beg me to be their friend.

As I smudged the chalk circle with my foot and pointed to the door, the chick seemed to nod. It knew what I wanted. We were both eager to see this through. I grinned. I had chosen well in my demon’s host. Nothing could stop my new friend, not fire, not water. It was indestructible. After all, everyone knows that at the end of the world, the only things that would survive are cockroaches and Peeps.

© 2011 Melissa L. Webb


11 thoughts on “Cockroaches and Peeps

  1. This is the second fridayflash I’ve read summoning up demons – you can tell it’s a religious holiday! Very nicely done.

    Marc Nash

  2. Would the pink marshmallow chick stand up to toasting? or am I thinking of the stay puff marshmallow man in ghostbusters? LOL

    I don’t think I will ever be able to look at marshmallows the same way anymore!

    The character obviously has a lot of issues to deal with, – the piece had me smiling in a sort of scary way.

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