Forever- Friday Flash

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By Melissa L. Webb


It’s not like they say it is. There is no romance. There are no sparkles. There is only death. I know this for a fact. My world has changed around me and it is entirely my own doing. I wanted this. I thought I needed it…but I was wrong.

Life has not been kind to me. I wasn’t one of those people who seemed to luck into everything they have. I had to take everything I owned, work for it until my soul bled. There wasn’t much left of me at the end of the day, but at least I had earned a little in this world. Something I could call mine.

But for as much ground as I conquered, there were things that were still off limits to me. I couldn’t find the one. I was incurably single in a world that demanded families. So that was my lot; no spouse, no children. No one to share my accomplishments with at the end of the day. I was doomed to walk this life alone.

At least there was no one there to mourn when the cancer struck. No one had to wait at my bedside, watching me waste away as the disease ate at my savaged body. I was spared that. I didn’t have to watch my loved one’s faces as my chances of survival grew less and less.

That night I checked myself out of the hospital, I remember clearly the shape I was in. I wouldn’t last another week, they all told me. I didn’t want to die in a cold hospital room. I couldn’t. I would not spend my last moments on this Earth staring at sterile, white walls and listening to the horrid cacophony of machines.

I left the hospital on foot, not caring where I went as long as it got me far away from that place. Staggering down back alleys, I was in search for somewhere I could curl up and die, going out as I lived my life, unnoticed.

As I stumbled farther from civilization, I realized I was being followed. I had to laugh. How dumb must my would-be mugger be if they couldn’t see I had nothing to offer? I was little more than rags and bones.

I kept moving forward. I knew if I stopped, I might not ever start again. My unknown assailant kept following, moving closer and closer with each step. I knew any moment would be my last and I welcomed it. Maybe life had finally become kind and I wouldn’t have to suffer a minute more. A death at some punk’s hand would be a blessing.

My pace slowed, my body too far gone to keep going. I didn’t have the spirit to fight it. I wanted to die. I turned and waited for the aggressor, ready to spur him into action. What approached stopped me cold, the creature’s dark red eyes pinned me where I was.

I watched as it moved closer, my mind whirling in the understanding of it. It wore the look of a man, but I could almost see the monster underneath. It smiled at me, pure predatory in intent, baring its fangs for me to see. Air passed my lips in shock as I realized the stories were true. Monsters roamed the night and preyed on the weak.

It moved closer, ready to strike, but no fear filled me. Only one world filtered through my thoughts as I looked at it. Salvation. This thing could save me. If I could get it to change me and make me one of its own, I would live forever. I would be stronger, better. I would be freed from this hell my body had become.

“Please,” I begged it. “Turn me. I want to be a Vampire, too.”

The creature who looked like a man laughed as it watched me, humor in its undead eyes. It moved and was upon me in an instant, fangs piercing my paper-thin flesh. The thing finished me right there, among the scattered remained of last week’s garbage. It left me there; a smile on his crimson-coated lips was the last thing my human eyes saw.

The change came upon me quickly, turning me into an undead being. I had achieved what I wanted. The cancer would not claim me. I wish to God now that it had.

I have been transformed into a state of perpetual decaying. My body will never die, yet it will not heal. That’s the real truth about being a vampire. You never change from what you were. You are a moment frozen it time; a homage to what you were at the time of your death. So now, my body is forever riddled with cancer. I suffer in agony, staying suspended in my pain. And I will stay like this. Forever.

© 2011 Melissa L. Webb


Hands Of Time- Friday Flash

Alarm clock

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By Melissa L. Webb

Tick. Tick. Tick.

The sound seemed to echo through the dark room like machinegun fire.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Opening his eyes, Drew glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand. Midnight. He had only been asleep for an hour.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Drew looked around the room. What was making that noise? Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he sat up and turned on the lamp next to his bed.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

The sharp noise continued around him, even as light bathed the room. This was the fourth night in a row the sound had woke him. He was beginning to wonder if someone was playing a joke on him.

Rising from the bed, Drew looked around the room as he had done every night before, his eyes scanning over the things he surrounded himself with. Every time he thought he was close to finding the source of the ticking, the sound seemed to shift to another spot. Why didn’t it stay in the same place?

Tick. Tick. Tick.

The sound continued moving around the room, staying constant in its intensity.
Shuddering, Drew stood there helpless. The sound was driving him crazy. He was sure of it. Was this the purpose the ticking served? To turn him into a shell of a man, haunted by the night?

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Slowly he slipped back into bed. He had to ignore it. There was no other choice. Turning on the TV, he thumbed up the volume. The voices emitting from the flat screen coated the room, drowning out the horrible ticking sound.

Drew sighed in relief. The ticking might still be there, but if he couldn’t hear it, it didn’t matter. Closing his eyes, he let sleep claim him once more.


The Powers-That-Be stared at the clock before them. Time was winding down. The world had reached its end days. Something had to be done. Where was the Champion? Didn’t he hear the calling? Didn’t he know time was fleeting before them, ticking away until there was nothing left?

The Powers stood there silently, watching the hands of time move forward praying their Champion would answer the call before it was too late.

© 2011 Melissa L. Webb


A Token Of His Affection- Friday Flash


Image by The U.S. National Archives via Flickr


By Melissa L. Webb

The creature silently passed through the hole in the fence making its way towards the farmhouse. Darkness surrounded it, coating it in a second skin. It had a message to deliver and its master would help it as much as he could.

Avoiding the moonlight, it moved across the yard and up onto the back porch. Its nose twitched in the air as it checked to see if he was inside. The boy was indeed. It could sense each beat of his heart as if he was standing right there.

Following the porch around the side of the house, it searched for a suitable crack. It found a broken window hidden beyond a tree at the end of the house. The hole was tiny, but just perfect for it to gain entrance. Scurrying up the wall it slipped in, thinning like the darkness around it.

Emerging into the house, it twitched its nose again. Reaching out with its senses, it checked to see if anyone else in the home was up. It grunted softly in delight. The only soul still awake was the one he was about to corrupt. There would be no interference tonight.

It moved quickly, its furry brown paws moving in a blur. Reaching the boy’s room, it pushed its weight against the door, opening it wider.

“Mom?” the boy called, his voice sounded timid in the stillness around them.

The creature moved forward, jumping up on the end of the bed.

The boy squeaked and reached out for the lamp next to him. “Who’s there?”

It’s okay, Ralphie. I’m a friend.”

The boy switched the lamp on, bathing the room in light, gasping at the sight before him.

The creature stood on the end of the bed on all fours, its heavy brown fur matted and dirty. Its face was a different story. Completely devoid of any fur, smooth pink flesh held two eyes, a nose and a mouth. This wasn’t a face anyone would expect on a raccoon-like creature. It was a human face.

The boy sucked in air to scream but no sound came out. All he could do was stare in terror at the unnatural thing in his bed.

“Don’t be frightened,” the thing cooed in a voice like glass stuck in a garbage disposal. “I’m here to help you.”

The boy sat there, mesmerized by its words. He knew he should run to his parents, he wanted to, but he couldn’t make himself move. “Help me how?” he managed to whisper.

“You are a special boy. You will grow up to be one of His. I’m here to get you started.”

The boy stared in silence. He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.

The creature moved closer, light reflecting brightly in its milky eyes. “You will be a shining example of chaos. Destruction will reign down where you walk,” it whispered. “You will spread sadness throughout this land.”

“But…” the boy whispered back. “How do you know this?”

“I have seen your soul,” it hissed, coming to stand right before him. “It is as black as the God who chose you.”

The boy looked down at his new furry friend. It was starting to all make sense now. He knew he wasn’t like other kids. The things he did while no one was looking, they were just who he was.

Raising a paw, the creature placed it against the boy’s hand. “I am a Token and I deliver this message from the Old One who claims you.”

The boy felt a surge of power course through him. Traveling up his arm, it seemed to engulf his very core.

“Be who you were meant to be,” the Token spoke. “Live in his name.”

The boy felt himself nod as the creature pulled away from him. “I will,” he replied huskily, as if all the moisture had been drained from his mouth. “I’ll follow my true nature for you.” His mouth slowly turned up in a twisted grin. “And for my new Lord. May the world suffer in His name.”

The creature turned and jumped down from the bed, leaving the boy to his dark thoughts. Running quickly through the house, it slipped back outside as quiet as the night around him. It had more work to do for his master, more people to anoint. It grinned as it went, exposing rows of needle-sharp teeth. How it loved delivering messages.


© 2011 Melissa L. Webb

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Go West, My Son- Friday Flash

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By Melissa L. Webb

The midday Texas sun shone down on him as he stood along Interstate 10 staring at the barren landscape around him. Nothing moved. He supposed the heat was too much for any kind of activity. He wouldn’t know. He couldn’t feel it. He couldn’t feel much of anything anymore.

Pulling the long duster he wore closer to his body, he ducked the bill of his cap lower on his forehead. These things would keep people from looking at him too closely. He wasn’t ready for them to see what he really was. Not yet. That time would come soon enough.

He walked forward, knocking the dust from his boots. He had to go West. The convergence would soon happen. They would gather on the coast and show themselves for the first time. The world would then know exactly what it was in for. The Apocalypse would start in earnest.

He walked on, waving at a car that sped by. He grinned at the thought of how the driver would react to him if he really knew. He longed for the fear that would fill the air. It’s what his kind thrived on. That and sustenance. Those were the only things that truly mattered. The rest was just ensuring they would get them, but it would be a blast getting there.

He pulled the duster tighter around his damaged body, keeping his wounds hidden within. People thought his kind was stupid, acting only on instinct alone. He had orders and he would follow them all perfectly. They all would. They would show the world there was nothing slow about them. His kind was the perfect killing machine.

He smiled as he pushed forward, heading to the West where he belonged. His brethren waited there. Together they would overthrow the world. They would conquer it in no time because zombies could do more than just eat.

© 2011 Melissa L. Webb