Go West, My Son- Friday Flash

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By Melissa L. Webb

The midday Texas sun shone down on him as he stood along Interstate 10 staring at the barren landscape around him. Nothing moved. He supposed the heat was too much for any kind of activity. He wouldn’t know. He couldn’t feel it. He couldn’t feel much of anything anymore.

Pulling the long duster he wore closer to his body, he ducked the bill of his cap lower on his forehead. These things would keep people from looking at him too closely. He wasn’t ready for them to see what he really was. Not yet. That time would come soon enough.

He walked forward, knocking the dust from his boots. He had to go West. The convergence would soon happen. They would gather on the coast and show themselves for the first time. The world would then know exactly what it was in for. The Apocalypse would start in earnest.

He walked on, waving at a car that sped by. He grinned at the thought of how the driver would react to him if he really knew. He longed for the fear that would fill the air. It’s what his kind thrived on. That and sustenance. Those were the only things that truly mattered. The rest was just ensuring they would get them, but it would be a blast getting there.

He pulled the duster tighter around his damaged body, keeping his wounds hidden within. People thought his kind was stupid, acting only on instinct alone. He had orders and he would follow them all perfectly. They all would. They would show the world there was nothing slow about them. His kind was the perfect killing machine.

He smiled as he pushed forward, heading to the West where he belonged. His brethren waited there. Together they would overthrow the world. They would conquer it in no time because zombies could do more than just eat.

© 2011 Melissa L. Webb


19 thoughts on “Go West, My Son- Friday Flash

  1. This is good because it focuses on a zombie thinking and not doing what we expect them to be always doing. I assume that all comes later, but for now, you’ve given this zombie depth of character and feelings. Interesting and different. (oh, and not at all like the idiot zombies who have been featuring in my series).

  2. Zombie? This reminds me so very strongly of Stephen King’s The Stand, which was probably my favorite King book, so that’s high praise.

    but.. don’t zombies lose their body parts and stuff?

    (hey, in addition to the Weekend Hangout, I posted a new Trevor story! C’mon back over!)

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