Lost And Found- Friday Flash

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By Melissa L. Webb


“I found your wallet,” the woman’s voice carried across the line. Relief flooded through Morgan as she held the cell phone to her ear. It had been almost three days since she had last seen it; she had begun to think it was gone forever.

“Oh, thank God,” she breathed into the phone. “I was so worried. My whole life is in that thing.”

“Well, you can stop worrying now, dear. It’s safe and sound,” the woman told her. “If you want you can come over now and get it.”

“Thank you,” Morgan said. “I’ll feel so much better once it’s back in my hands.”

The woman chuckled. “I bet you will. And I’ll bet you’ll think twice before taking it to the beach again.”

“Yes,” Morgan admitted sheepishly. “It was a foolish thing to do, leaving it on a log like that.”

“We all live and learn, dear. No harm done.” The woman gave her directions before hanging up.

Morgan hurried to her car. It would be a relief to have that wallet back. She could put the incident behind her and move on, learning from this mistake.

She followed the woman’s directions, pulling up outside the house. It was a small little blue thing with red and pink roses surrounding it. It screamed grandmotherly. No wonder she had insisted on returning the wallet. The right thing always came easy to this kind of person. The world just needed more people like her in it.

She hurried up to the front door. It opened before she even made it up to the front porch.

“Morgan?” the elderly woman asked, stepping out the door

“Yes,” she spoke as she approached her. “Thank you again for finding my wallet.”

The woman smiled brightly. “I’m just glad I did. I could just imagine the trouble a young woman like you would be in if I hadn’t.” She motioned her forward. “Come inside, dear. I’ll get your wallet for you.”

She nodded and followed the woman inside.


Morgan stepped out the front door and headed back to her car. It was so kind of the woman to return her wallet. Nothing was missing from it. She couldn’t say the same thing for the old woman’s house. She made sure she had taken all the jewelry and cash she could find.

She laughed as she tossed the heavy canvas grocery bag in the back seat. No one would miss the batty old woman. She bet it would be weeks before the body was even found.

She pulled away from the curb and heading downtown, towards the park. It was time to place the wallet again. This time she would leave it where it would be found right away. There were more honest people in this world. She would take care of them. It was time to start the game again.


© 2011 Melissa L. Webb

14 thoughts on “Lost And Found- Friday Flash

  1. Wow Melissa, you sure got me with this one. I thought for sure the old woman would turn out to be a witch and eat her, but no…
    Fantastic story!

  2. Ah, now Y’see, it’s not the dishonesty in people that makes them keep the wallets instead of returning them, it’s the fear of this happening to them. 🙂

    All you honest folks out there that find a lost wallet…
    keep the money, keep safe. 🙂

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  4. That’s brutal. It had me guessing. Brilliant. Next time I see a wallet left behind, it’s staying behind.
    Adam B @revhappiness

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