Her Royal Highness- Friday Flash



By Melissa L. Webb

Buffy walked into the room, checking her surroundings. All eyes were on her. She knew that. They always were. She glanced around, making sure all was well in her domain. Nothing was out of place. No one lingered who shouldn’t be there. Everything was as it should be.

She walked forward, graceful as she moved across the floor. It was time to return to where she belonged.

Something stirred. It wanted her attention. It pawed the air, hoping to spark some kind of intrigue.

She turned a blind eye to the puppy. That wasn’t where her attention lay. It was on the chair in the corner, and the figure occupying it. She wanted to offer solace and receive it in return.

She sprang up, her legs bending gracefully as she did and landed on the soft pink blanket lying in the empty space of the chair. She sighed in content as she bunched up the blanket and then stared up at the human before her. Her human.

The girl glanced down at the red and white Chihuahua as she ran her fingers through her fur. “There’s my baby girl.”

Buffy laid her head on the girl’s arm before she started to snore softly. It was good to be the Princess.

© 2011 Melissa L. Webb 

8 thoughts on “Her Royal Highness- Friday Flash

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