Take Backs- Friday Flash


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By Melissa L. Webb

It started with the pollen. There wasn’t one person in Merritt County that wasn’t suffering from allergies this year. The amount of hacking and sneezing around town was alone enough to make anyone sick. But the pollen took care of that. It worked its way into everyone’s systems until they were too weak to fight back.

That’s when the plants started to grow. Little plants no one could identify. They sprouted up all over the world. In yards, in gardens, anywhere there was a patch of dirt, those plants appeared.

It was amazing at first. A new species of plant appearing from nowhere. It was the scientific find of the 21st Century. The world celebrated a new era, but the celebration didn’t last very long. Dread quickly replaced the wonder in people. Because these plants didn’t stop growing.

They became thicker. They reached out, spreading across the lands, entangling with the vegetation we already called our own. That’s when our trees and plants turned on us. They, too, spread out, choking the life from our towns and cities. Their growth covered the world in a mass blanket of suffocation.

Our population dwindled. Nature was getting the revenge it needed. The revenge it deserved.

Those of us left knew the only way to save our species would be the eradication of all plant life. But they had that covered, too. How can we destroy something, if the very air we breathe depends on it?

© 2011 Melissa L. Webb

10 thoughts on “Take Backs- Friday Flash

  1. Ooooh, lovely lovely apocalyptic fiction. Who knows, maybe one day Mother nature WILL decide to take back the planet. She does after all keep sending us messages as to who is in control. doesn’t she?

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