Wall Fan, Abandoned- Friday Flash


By Melissa L. Webb

Ian leaned back in his chair, taking a deep breath.  He felt like he had been working on these papers for hours.  He could feel a tension headache coming on.  Too many words in front of his eyes.  Throwing his feet up on the desk, he stared across his study.  He tried to find something to focus on to stop the blur invading his eyes.

He studied the cream-colored walls around him, trying to relax the strain.  His eyes caught something he had never noticed before.  A square stood out in the wall above the shelving.  Getting up from his chair, he moved closer to it.

Sure enough, there was a boarded up panel right below the ceiling, almost hidden by the various items he’d placed on the top shelf.  Why hadn’t he noticed that before?  It should have been obvious when he’d placed the stuff up there.  He squinted in the harsh florescent light.  Were those words up there?

Dragging a chair in front of the shelves, he stepped up, bringing the square into sight.  He grabbed a statue from the shelf, tossing in onto the couch, adding a trophy to it for good measure.  He wanted plenty of room to see what was lurking above his shelf for the last five months.

He peered closely at the words scrawled in pencil across the top of the boarded-up square.  Wall fan, abandoned.  He stared at the words, puzzled by their meaning.  Why would it be important enough to label something like that?  Wouldn’t it make sense just to cover it up and forget about it?  Or, maybe it was a note for the new owners.  A chance to give them back something that was taken?

Ian smile.  Like him.  He always thought this room was too stuffy.  He spent enough time in here, hours and hours of paperwork smothering him; he could use some fresh air occasionally.  Stepping down from the chair, he left the room in search of some tools.

Coming back, hammer in hand, he stepped back up on the chair.  He tossed the rest of the items from the shelf on the couch.  He’d hate for anything to end up broken.  Sticking the claw of the hammer in between the wood, he pried as hard as he could.  The nails popped lose, sending the wooden square flying.  He glanced up at the hole, slight disappointment pooling into him.

He didn’t know what he had been expecting.  Maybe someone’s treasures, but true to its word, a simple wall fan looked back at him.  Stepping back off the chair, he set the hammer down on his desk.  He looked around the room, hands on his hips.  Now, how to turn it on?  His eyes searched the walls, looking for a forgotten light switch.  They found nothing.  He let out a sigh.  Well, adventure over.  There was no way it was going to work with out a switch.

He grabbed the hammer, heading for the wood lying on the floor.  It was time to go back to work.  As soon as he leaned over to pick it up, the blades of the fan whirled to life.  It rattled, shaking loose the years of dust covering it.  He looked up at it.  A question on his lips.  How had that turned on?

He stood there, staring up at it, feeling the air rush by him and frowned.  It was going the wrong way.  The fan was sucking in air.  “Well, damn,” he muttered.  He now had a broken fan in his office he couldn’t turn off.

Well, maybe it would stop if he closed it back up.  Picking up the wood on the floor, he turned back to the chair.  The fan motor whined as the blades picked up speed.  They spun, faster and faster, until they were nothing more than a blur.

Ian felt the air suck at him, pulling at his clothes.  He had to stop the thing, there was no way he could get any work done with this going on.  Moving closer, he stepped onto the chair.  But his feet didn’t stop; they rose up as the air around him sucked him forward.  The blades kept spinning as he was sucked into it, disappearing in a splattered mess somewhere in the wall.

The blades slowed, stopping completely with another whine.  The board jumped, sealing itself to the hole in the wall.  The room returned to the way it had been before the fan was disturbed; the words growing bolder across the wood.  Maybe the next owner would heed the writing on the wall.


© 2011 Melissa L. Webb



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