Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Heart- Friday Flash

Thanksgiving Dinner, Falmouth, Maine, USA 2008

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By Melissa L. Webb

She fluttered across the room, straightening as she went. Her parents were coming and her boyfriend was going to make a good impression this time, even if it killed him. “Last time, it didn’t go so well did it, sweetheart?”

There was a grunt from the kitchen.

She sighed. That was his usual response to most things in life. She didn’t know why she even bothered anymore. All he did was disappoint her. Well, she’d fix that. This relationship was worth saving.

Grabbing his coat off the back of the couch, she looked around the living room. At last, his apartment looked presentable. Her parents would be impressed this time. She was sure of it. They would see she’d finally taken control of the situation.

Hanging the coat in the closet where it belonged, she looked around for the new scented wax she had bought. It was her mother’s favorite. “Honey, have you seen that new wax I got at the store?”

Another grunt sounded from the kitchen.

Why did she even try? He could never help her with the important things. Oh well, she’d find it eventually. She headed into the kitchen, inhaling deeply. The scent of roasted turkey hung heavily in the air. Thanksgiving dinner was almost done and her parents would be there soon. Everything was going as planned.

“Dinner smells great,” she told her boyfriend, a smile on her lips as she looked at him. “Don’t you agree?”

He nodded eagerly from his chair at the perfectly set table. He squirmed, trying to get the blood flowing in his arms and legs. The duct tape dug in painfully where he was bound to the chair.

Walking over to him, she stared down at his wide eyes. “Now, you’re going to be the best boyfriend ever, aren’t you? Promise me that, and I’ll take the tape off your mouth.”

He nodded again, just as eagerly as before.

“Good,” she said through a smile. “I want my parents to like you.” She pulled the tape from his lips, causing him to flinch from the pain. “After all, you’re very special to me.”

“Yes, dear,” he said weakly, worn down by her insanity.

She dabbed at his mouth, where the tape had drawn blood. “That’s my good boy,” she said, tossing the napkin in the trash.

Yes, she most definitely had it all under control. Her parents were going to be so proud.


© 2011 Melissa L. Webb


6 thoughts on “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Heart- Friday Flash

  1. “even if it killed him” : liked that line. I’m not sure I know what’s going on, but I love the tone and humour evident in the story. Does her fluttering around have something to do with it?

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