Why My Homework Isn’t Done- Friday Flash

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By Melissa L. Webb

I meant to do my homework today; but things just kept calling me away.  Do this, do that, and do it now.  Time just disappeared and I don’t know how.

First I had to go to school; as you well know, that is the rule.  I guess I could have done it there; but shouldn’t it be done at home to be fair?

After school I had to catch my bus.  My driver was late; his name is Gus.  He said he was stopped by a sudden snow fall; but no one else saw any snow at all.

I got home late and my parents were mad.  I couldn’t work on my homework; I was just too sad.  Then there were my chores I had to do.  Let me tell you, there was more than a few.

As I was taking the trash out, my sister Suzy started to pout.  So I played dolls with her for half an hour, while churning the butter so it would not sour.

My mother came in, handing me a leash.  “The puppy needs walked, then feed the geese.  The taxes need done, you lazy kid.  They were due last week.  Have you flipped you lid?  They must be done, I’ll take no excuse.  Then mend my chair leg, I think that it’s loose.”

I had to drain the family lake, then baked my very own birthday cake.  When that was done, I sat down at my desk.  I started my homework, but you know what happened next?

My father came in; asked me what I was doing.  “Did you know your little brother is still mooing?  I asked you to fix that.  I know I did.  Now get right to it, you silly little kid.

And while you’re at it, the clocks need fixed.  There are no tocks, only ticks.  Oh, and heal your Aunt’s chicken pox.  Then could you change all the locks?”

And, I did all these things as fast as I could, to get to my homework like I knew I should.  I only had a few more things to do, like mending my father’s broken old shoe.

While I was training the elephant, guess who called?  The President!  He said he was coming over for dinner.  “But do make it fat free, I’m trying to get thinner.”

I cooked him a giant feast; chicken, rice, bread with yeast.  He liked it so much, he ate all night; not leaving my table till morning’s light.

So, now I stand in front of you.  Sad and tired; not knowing what to do.  I really meant to do my homework, yes… (I hope my teacher believes this mess.)

© 2012 Melissa L. Webb



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