Welcome to the Bell, Book, and Sandals Virtual Book Launch Party!

It’s official!   Bell, Book, and Sandals is now on sale.   So it’s party time!

BBS for Kindle.                               BBS in paperback.

To celebrate its release, I am having an all day party right here, as well as on the BBS fan page and on Twitter using the hashtag #BBSbooklaunch.

Stop in to say hi.  Come and go as you please.  I’ll be here all day celebrating all that is Maxie Duncan.

To join in the merriment, just place a comment, question, or whatever in the comment box located at the bottom of the page. 

I am also giving away copies of Bell, Book, and Sandals to a lucky few out there.  (These will be both Kindle copies and signed paperbacks.)  There might even be a few surprises in between book giveaways.

I’ll also be posting any new reviews or news that pop up about the book today.  I’m also here to answer any questions you may have, so fire away.  And before the end of the party, I might even talk a little bit about the upcoming sequel. 

The first giveaway starts right now.  At 9pm pst, I will give away a signed paperback to one lucky person.  (I will use random.org to do the drawing.)  All you have to do to be entered in this round is tweet about this virtual book launch party using the hashtag #BBSbooklaunch.  (If you don’t do Twitter, don’t worry.  There will be more drawings later in the day.)

The 2nd drawing for a signed paperback will run all day and the winner will be picked tonight at 9pm pst.   Tell me about some kind of paranormal encounter or strange unexplained thing that has happened to you and you’ll automatically be entered in it. 

So, what are we waiting for?  Let’s get this party started!

Update:  The first winner of my drawings has been picked.

The first Twitter winner of an autographed photo card of Bell, Book, And Sandals is Larry Kollar.  Congrats. 🙂

The 2nd winner of an autographed photo card is Charlie Nitric.   Congrats!

The 3rd winner of an autographed photo card is J. A. McCorkle.  Congrats!

The 1st winner of a BBS Kindle copy  is Marla Madison.  Congrats!

The 2nd winner of a BBS Kindle copy is Eric J. Krause.  Congrats!



Maxie’s Summer Playlist

Here are a few of Maxie’s favorite songs to blast as she’s cruising around in her convertible.  They might be cheesy but there is nothing better than singing these at the top of your lungs as you’re soaking in that beautiful Summer sunshine. 



Material Girl-  Madonna

Dress You Up- Madonna

Girls Just Want To Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper

A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton

Barbie Girl- Aqua

Like A Virgin- Madonna

Bitch- Meredith Brookes

Lost In Your Eyes- Debbie Gibson

Total Eclipse Of The Heart- Nicki French

I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor

Feel Like A Woman- Shania Twain

Shop Around- The Miracles

California Gurls- Katy Perry

Anything by Katy Perry

Pocket Full Of Sunshine- Natasha Bedingfield

Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield

Crush- Jennifer Paige

I Wanna Love You Forever- Jessica Simpson

Candy- Mandy Moore

Want U Back- Cher Lloyd

Party In The USA- MileyCyrus

…Baby One More Time- Britney Spears

Lady Marmalade- Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink

Genie In A Bottle- Christina Aguilera

Big Girls Don’t Cry (Personal)- Fergie

Eternal Flame- Bangles

We Got The Beat- The Gogos

Say You’ll Be There- Spice Girls

Lights- Ellie Goulding

Voodoo Child- Rouge Traders

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend- Marilyn Monroe


Get Bell, Book, and Sandals for Kindle and in paperback




Warning Signs- Friday Flash


By Melissa L. Webb




A breeze stirred around Ivan as he stood there, taking in the barren planter in front of him. The dirt lay there, mocking him with its emptiness. It sat in the middle of his park, an eyesore without purpose.

He didn’t know where it had come from. It hadn’t been there yesterday evening when he’d gone home for dinner. Yet, here it was. Built overnight for some reason that escaped him.

He glanced at the signs pushed into the empty dirt. Do not walk in planter. He shook his head in disgust. Grownups. He would never understand anything they did. Why would they feel the need to protect something like that?

Ivan walked around it, examining the giant thing from all sides. He could only imagine the kind of sissy, girlie things they’d end up putting in it. Roses, and daisies, and other things that smelled. They were going to ruin his park and all they were worried about was their precious dirt.

Stepping up on the side of the planter, he looked down at the dirt. Well, he may not be able to stop them from putting it there, but he could at least have some fun with it. He’d let them know exactly what he thought of their signs with a couple hundred well placed footprints.

Stepping into the dirt, a smirk across his young face, he stuck his tongue out at one of the signs. Pressing down as he walked, he left deep footprints in his wake.

The ground rumbled under him as he moved, throwing him slightly off balance. He stopped, uncertainty flooding through him. What was that? Was there something moving beneath him? Even as he stayed still, the ground quivered more until the whole planter rocked as if an earthquake had it in its clutches.

He let out a startled yelp as the dirt in front of him exploded. Clumps of earth rained around him as he stood there, terror engulfing him. A giant worm-like creature rose from the ground. It watched him with milky eyes, swaying back and forth as if blown by the breeze.

Ivan turned, frantically wishing he had heeded the signs’ warnings. But it was too late. The monster opened its mouth, rows of grinding teeth snapping loudly. Its head whipped forward, closing around the boy in an instant.

With its mouth full, the creature silently withdrew into the dirt, leaving nothing but an empty planter and a few broken signs swaying in the breeze.

© 2012 Melissa L. Webb

Virtual book launch party!!!

Update: July 31st, 2012  Are you looking for the party?  It’s here


You are invited to the official Bell, Book, and Sandals virtual book launch party on Tuesday, July 31, 2012.

The party will last all day right here on my blog as well as at the BBS Facebook fan page and on Twitter using hashtag #BBSbooklaunch.  All are welcome to our little shindig. 

So stop on by at any of these places on July 31st and get the latest news on the release, sign up for giveaways, and chat with me.  Ask questions, tell me about any unexplained things you’ve witnessed, or just say hi. 

I’m so excited about the release and I look forward to sharing the day with you all.

No Good Deed- Friday Flash


By Melissa L. Webb

The music poured out of the car speakers, drowning out the sound of Jaden’s sobs as she drove. How could Gavin do that to her? She hadn’t even been at the party for more than 15 minutes and he was already in some room with another girl. If he thought that was acceptable just because he was the star quarterback of their high school, he was sadly mistaken. That was no excuse.

Neither was the fact he was really hot.

She wiped at the tears as they streamed down her face, navigating the dark road ahead of her. She should have known. The only reason Gavin would have invited a nobody like her to a party was to humiliate her. She was an idiot for not seeing it sooner.

She sped along, her knuckles white as she gripped the steering wheel. She wanted to get home and put this whole awful night behind her. Then she could spend the rest of her Senior year in her room, hiding from the social nightmare her life was about to become.

She slowed down as rain began to fall. It wouldn’t help anything if she got herself splattered all over the highway. She would only be known as the pathetic girl who killed herself for the school jerk. No thank you. That was so not happening.

As she rounded a corner, her headlights illuminated a dark shape in the middle of the road. It laid there, shrouded by the darkness and the rain. Jaden slowed down, stopping in front of the thing.

It raised its head as she did, its eyes holding so much sadness in them..

“Oh my God,” she breathed as she opened the car door. It was a small grey dog. Someone must have hit it and left it for dead.

She ran to its side, staring down in horror. There was so much blood. The dog was covered in it.

It raised its head and whimpered, begging for help the only way it knew how.

“Hang on, sweetie,” she told it as calmly as she could. She glanced around, trying to figure out what to do. She couldn’t just leave it there. The dog would die if she did. She couldn’t let that happen. She would never forgive herself if she did.

There was only one choice. She needed to get the dog to someone who could help. She slipped her jacket off, laying it over the dog. “It’s going to be okay,” she said softly as she scooped it up. It whined softly, leaning into her as she carried it to the car.

Once the dog was settled in the backseat, Jaden started the car and raced towards town. She had to get the little dog help. She couldn’t let it die.

The trees rushed by outside as the swoosh of wipers counted down the miles. “You’re okay, little one,” she repeated over and over, trying to keep her mind focused.

A chuckle rose from the backseat. It wrapped around Jaden, clenching her heart in a vice grip of fear. She glanced back over the seat. The jacket wrapped dog was the only thing back there.

Her eyes darted back to the road. It was late. She was upset. Her ears were only playing tricks on her. That’s all it was.

More laughter erupted from the back. It rolled out, thick and heavy, filling the car, practically smothering her with the weight of it.

Jaden glanced over the seat again, her heart shuddering at what she was seeing. The dog had pushed its way out of her coat. It was sitting there, staring at her, its face changing as laughter poured from its lips.

The dog’s face melted away, a human’s face replacing it before changing back into the dog. Back and forth, the faces took turns staring at her, the laughter never stopping.

Jaden slammed her foot down on the gas pedal. That couldn’t really be happening in the backseat. But just in case, she needed to get someplace where people were. Now!

She kept her eyes locked on the road, ignoring the laughter. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was getting somewhere she wasn’t alone.

There was movement in the backseat as the dog shifter closer. She took a deep breath. It didn’t matter what the dog was doing. A few more miles and she would be safe.

There was a blur out of the corner of her eye and suddenly the laughter was directly in her ear, hot breath tickling her neck. She turned her head, not wanting to, but couldn’t stop herself. A face stared back into hers, inches away. It had settled into mostly human , eyes black as coal as it grinned down at her.

“You let me in,” it said softly, voice as cold as ice.

Jaden slammed on the brakes, swerving the car onto the side of the road. She had to get out of the car, away from this stringy haired creature. It continued to laugh as she threw open the door and flung herself from the car. She staggered away, trying desperately to hang on to her sanity.

The thing climbed out of the car, half crawling, half walking. Its eyes glowed red as it stared out of long dirty grey hair. It laughed as it pointed a bony finger in her direction. “You let me in,” it croaked. “You let me in! You let me in!” Laughter followed the words, echoing through the night.

Jaden took a step back, watching the thing slowly drag itself away, its eyes never leaving her. She stood there, shivers causing her body to convulse, the thing’s laughter still ringing in her ears.

© 2012 Melissa L. Webb

Admire- Friday Flash


By Melissa L. Webb

Opening the door, Sabrina stepped into her apartment tossing her shopping bags on the couch. She walked through the place, turning on lights as she went, her heels echoing in the empty silence around her. She loved having her solitude, but it never hurt to have a little extra light for company.

Slipping her shoes off she turned on some music before heading back to the pile of department store bags. An evening of shopping always made her feel great. What girl didn’t love spoiling themselves? And she had finally found the perfect dress for her mother’s surprise party. Her sister would be so jealous. They had both been having a hard time finding the perfect thing to wear.

But Sabrina didn’t have to worry about that now. She had the perfect dress. Grabbing one of the bags she hurried into her bedroom, dying to try on the dress one more time. She slipped it on, smiling at herself in the mirror. It was a strapless sweetheart gown that hugged her in all the right places. She twirled, a blur of purples and blues, feeling like the queen of peacocks. The dress seemed to have been made for her. It was absolutely perfect.

She wanted to share her excitement with someone. A dress like this needed to be admired, not put away back in a bag. She glanced at the clock. Her sister was still at work. Oh well, a picture would just have to do.

She grabbed her phone and snapped a quick picture of the dress on her. She quickly hit send, dying to see her sister’s reaction to it. She hoped she wouldn’t be too jealous. She reluctantly took off the dress, slipping in to her P. J.’s as she waited , carefully hanging the dress in her closet. It was her dream dress and she wasn’t going to let any thing happen to it.

Her phone buzzed and she snatched it up, anxious to see her sister’s reaction. Sure enough, she had a waiting text message from her. She opened it, reading the message with growing disbelief. What was her sister talking about?

Great dress, but who’s the guy behind you?

Sabrina turned around instinctively, letting out a breath of relief at the empty room behind her. There was no one there. She lived alone. No one was in the apartment with her. Her sister was messing with her. She was mad about the dress. Well, she wasn’t going to let it get to her.

Padding out to the kitchen she grabbed a bottle of water, fear making her uneasy. Maybe she should check the picture she sent her. Just to prove to herself her sister was only teasing her. Just a quick peek and then off to bed.

Grabbing her phone, she opened the pictures. Her heart stopped as she looked at the most recent one. There she was, smiling as she posed, wearing the most perfect dress. And there, standing behind her, was a man grinning with a evil glint in his dark eyes. Obviously, she wasn’t as alone as she thought she was.


© 2012 Melissa L. Webb

Bell, Book, and Sandals

My new novel is almost here.  BELL, BOOK, AND SANDALS is a paranoral Chick-lit romp worthy of some curl-up-on-the-couch time.  It arrives at Amazon in Kindle and paperback form on July 31, 2012.   Want to know more?

Sometimes life can be a real witch.

Meet Maxie Duncan. Your average 23-year-old blonde. If you can call being wealthy, gorgeous, and knowing what the future holds at times, average.

After her fiancé blindsides her with a breakup at their favorite restaurant, she leaves Maine for a shot at being Hollywood’s new ‘it girl.’ There’s only one problem. She’s never acted a day in her life.

When a big Hollywood director sends her packing, she realizes if she wants to stay in L.A., she may have to be become a normal girl after all. But normal has never been in the cards for her. Strange things keep happening wherever she goes, a red-eyed shadow no one else sees is stalking her, and to top it off, she may be falling in love again, with either the bookish guy next door, or Hollywood’s hottest leading man.

But everything isn’t what it seems. Someone’s keeping secrets from her. Is it her new friends at the apartment building she moved into? Or is it Ryan Everheart, the actor who wants to sweep her off her feet? And why are her feet suddenly floating off the ground?

It’s enough to drive a girl insane. All Maxie wants to do is ride off into the sunset with her one true love and find a killer pair of Manolo Blahniks on the way. But how’s a girl supposed to focus on a love life and shopping when everywhere she turns someone or something is trying to kill her?

Want to know the exact moment it goes on sale?  Send me an email at melissa@melissalwebb.com and I’ll email you the links to buy it the minute it goes live.

Repellent- Friday flash

English: Stegomyia aegypti (formerly Aedes aeg...

English: Stegomyia aegypti (formerly Aedes aegypti) mosquito biting a human. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



By Melissa L. Webb




John walked into the kitchen and set the package of paper plates on the counter. He glanced over at his wife, who was busy preparing a large salad. “Are we almost ready?” he asked as he slipped his arms around her.

Kelly looked up at him. “Yeah, we just have to barbecue the steaks. Everything else is ready.”

He smiled. “Our house-warming deck party will be perfect, thanks to you.”

“You give me far too much credit, John,” she said, kissing him lightly. “But I’ll take it.”

John laughed as he walked over to the fridge. “I bet you will.” He pulled out a few six packs and started to put them in a cooler. “Oh, that reminds me. Did you get the repellent?”

“Yes, I got the repellent. This is me we’re talking about.”

He looked at her. “You sure? I don’t want any of our guests bitten tonight. That’s all people talk about. ‘I went over to so and so’s house and ended up with bites all over me.”

Kelly sighed. “Will you relax? Everything will be perfect. I’ve lit those special candles and torches and placed them all over the backyard. Those nasty creatures won’t set foot near our party.”

John frowned as he rearranged the bottles in the ice. “I sure hope so. Those bites are painful. I hate those blood suckers.”

“Here,” she said, handing him a spray bottle. “I even got some to spray all over us. There won’t be any biting tonight. I promise.”

He lifted up the ice chest and headed for the backyard. “I just hope the stuff really works.”

Kelly followed behind him, carrying the bowl of salad. “It’s already working, John. See for yourself.”

They stepped out through the sliding glass door and onto the wooden deck.

John squinted out past the flickering flames into the darkness edging around their backyard. Rows of hungry looking monsters stood around, held back by the fumes put out by the burning repellent. Their fangs glistened in the light as their glowing red eyes locked on to the couple on the deck.

“See, I told you,” Kelly said with a laugh. “You worry too much. There will be no biting tonight. This vampire repellent works like a charm.”

© 2011 Melissa L. Webb