Admire- Friday Flash


By Melissa L. Webb

Opening the door, Sabrina stepped into her apartment tossing her shopping bags on the couch. She walked through the place, turning on lights as she went, her heels echoing in the empty silence around her. She loved having her solitude, but it never hurt to have a little extra light for company.

Slipping her shoes off she turned on some music before heading back to the pile of department store bags. An evening of shopping always made her feel great. What girl didn’t love spoiling themselves? And she had finally found the perfect dress for her mother’s surprise party. Her sister would be so jealous. They had both been having a hard time finding the perfect thing to wear.

But Sabrina didn’t have to worry about that now. She had the perfect dress. Grabbing one of the bags she hurried into her bedroom, dying to try on the dress one more time. She slipped it on, smiling at herself in the mirror. It was a strapless sweetheart gown that hugged her in all the right places. She twirled, a blur of purples and blues, feeling like the queen of peacocks. The dress seemed to have been made for her. It was absolutely perfect.

She wanted to share her excitement with someone. A dress like this needed to be admired, not put away back in a bag. She glanced at the clock. Her sister was still at work. Oh well, a picture would just have to do.

She grabbed her phone and snapped a quick picture of the dress on her. She quickly hit send, dying to see her sister’s reaction to it. She hoped she wouldn’t be too jealous. She reluctantly took off the dress, slipping in to her P. J.’s as she waited , carefully hanging the dress in her closet. It was her dream dress and she wasn’t going to let any thing happen to it.

Her phone buzzed and she snatched it up, anxious to see her sister’s reaction. Sure enough, she had a waiting text message from her. She opened it, reading the message with growing disbelief. What was her sister talking about?

Great dress, but who’s the guy behind you?

Sabrina turned around instinctively, letting out a breath of relief at the empty room behind her. There was no one there. She lived alone. No one was in the apartment with her. Her sister was messing with her. She was mad about the dress. Well, she wasn’t going to let it get to her.

Padding out to the kitchen she grabbed a bottle of water, fear making her uneasy. Maybe she should check the picture she sent her. Just to prove to herself her sister was only teasing her. Just a quick peek and then off to bed.

Grabbing her phone, she opened the pictures. Her heart stopped as she looked at the most recent one. There she was, smiling as she posed, wearing the most perfect dress. And there, standing behind her, was a man grinning with a evil glint in his dark eyes. Obviously, she wasn’t as alone as she thought she was.


© 2012 Melissa L. Webb


5 thoughts on “Admire- Friday Flash

  1. Creepy indeed. Will she ever get to wear that dress? In her current dimension at least. I think your story might have more impact if it ended with her sister’s text message; it’s a perfect line to finish on.

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