That Time Of Month- Friday Flash

English: Example generic ibuprofen container.

English: Example generic ibuprofen container. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Melissa L. Webb

Opening the bathroom door, Kimberly groaned, wishing the day would just go away. Walking to the kitchen, she frowned down at her drab jeans and sweatshirt. Her outfit matched her mood perfectly. Blah over blahness.

Her body ached, her head pounded, and the muscles in her lower back felt like they were twisting themselves into pretzels. She hated this time of the month. She had no control of how her body felt and it bothered her. Big time.

“Is there any coffee?” she asked her mom tersely, slipping into a chair at the table. Caffeine. That’s what she desperately needed. The sooner, the better.

“Well, good morning to you, too, miss sunshine,” her mother said with a slight roll of her eyes.

Glancing up at her mom, Kimberly realized that was no way to greet a person. What could she say? She couldn’t even think straight this morning. “I’m sorry, Mom. You know how I get when I’m dealing with this.”

Her mother smiled sympathetically. “I know exactly how you get,” she told her, a slight trace of humor in her words. “Dare I say, a little bitchy?” She walked over to her daughter. “Don’t worry. I still love you.” Kissing the top of her head ,she sat a large mug of steaming coffee in front of Kimberly, along with a big bottle of ibuprofen. “It’s the only way I get through this time of month.”

Kimberly looked up at her mom. “Thanks, you’re the best.”

Her mom smiled brightly. “I know.”

Opening the bottle, Kimberly dumped four of the pills into her palm. She chugged them back with a huge swallow of coffee. Ahh! Pain relievers and caffeine. The only way to go.

Once that was dealt with, she turned to the plate of food before her. Her stomach growled deeply as she took in the eggs and sausages. Her appetite was enormous this morning. She began shoveling the food in her mouth, wolfing it down as fast as she could.

Setting down her fork, she stared at her empty plate in horror, wondering where she had the room to put all that food. She was a small salad and light dressing type of girl. Only once a month did she start eating like this.

“You’d think I was turning into a pig,” she muttered, pushing her plate away as she stood up.

Her mother smiled. “Your body needs all the energy it can get right now. You can go back to eating like a lady after your cycle’s over.”

Grabbing her jacket from the hook on the wall, Kimberly went to the back door. She just didn’t understand why her mother forced her to go to school on these days. She’d much rather stay home in bed, curled up with a heating pad.

She grabbed the doorknob, wishing she felt a little less bloated. “Bye, Mom.”

“Be home early, dear,” her mother called. “We need plenty of time to prepare for the Change.”

Kimberly nodded as she shut the door, taking the path to the driveway. Cramps seized her back as her spine shifted. Sighing, she pushed away the pain. It was going to be a long day. Man, it sucked being a werewolf.


© 2012 Melissa L. Webb




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