The Condemned- Friday Flash



Dungeness-ruins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Melissa L. Webb

They used me again. Tore down who I was and scattered my ashes where they could stomp through them, paying me as little thought as they would filth on their shoes.
Them, up there in their castles, feasting and drunk, reveling in all they’ve been handed. Opulence and debauchery in their veins, paying for it with the souls they destroy. Never caring, always taking. Parasites to the world around them.

They call themselves kings of all, while I am down here, broken; hemorrhaging pieces of myself as I crawl away into the shadows to lick my wounds. I am too far gone to save. Nothing will stop the bleeding of my soul. I am damaged, eroded away because I showed kindness. It was my weakness. And I will suffer because of it.

But I won’t be the only one.

Revenge! Revenge, I cry from my shadowed corner. What is left of me must make them pay. Callousness has crushed all kindness. It has died within me as I crumble apart. All that remains is bitterness and anger.
I have been forged into a weapon at their own hands. I will rise from my ashes more than I was, hardened around the edges by molten rage. Justice is what I now seek.

Justice is what I will get.

I will slip into their castles and wait until they are sated. The shadows that cradle me now will cloak me then. I will be a ghost in their dwelling, waiting to pounce.

I am not a superhero. I am the Condemned. And I will reap what you sow.



6 thoughts on “The Condemned- Friday Flash

  1. I loved it.I somewhat reminded me of the scene right before Castle storms Saint’s home in the Punisher (where he’s writing the manifesto). This is a declaration of pain, of hatred, of intent.I’m sure bloody justice will be served, cold as the shadows and swift as the wind.Great job, Melissa!

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