Ripples- Friday Flash


Ripples (Photo credit: john shortland)


By Melissa L. Webb

Time is a funny thing. People see it as chronological. And I suppose it should be. The way time works is what that word is based on.

Time is linear. That much is true. It’s a straight line that never curves back on itself, unlike what some quantum physicists might have you believe.

The timeline stretches out, never moving even a fraction of an inch from the straight path it’s on.


There are other timelines out there. Millions. One for every possible outcome. However, they will never intersect. They exist side by side,  isolated from one another forever.

Certain events have already been place along the timeline. Whether you want to call it fate, destiny, or someone’s OCD preplanning, some things are meant to happen.

We can’t change those. Even if we could find a way to travel the timeline, nothing we could do would ever change those planned speed bumps. Those are fixed points in time. They are already reality, even if we haven’t experienced them yet.

So time is a straight line. Never moving. Never curving.

But…it is not a one-way street. No way. It is a temporal freeway, one where things move in two directions.

Time can go both ways.

Therefore, because time moves from past to future and future to past, the fixed points in time that haven’t happened yet…can affect our lives right now.

Say World War 3 is a fixed point. The negativity it would generate in its own time would ripple out, affecting not only the future, but also the past.

It would affect the past like a leaf on a pond. It would only be bounced around a little from the ripples. Nothing too significant because it wasn’t close enough to the rock that was dropped in.

Right now, the world is in a state of turmoil. So much violence, death, and destruction is happening and no one knows why.

Well…maybe it’s the negativity from said war trickling down to us. Maybe everything happening around us is an indirect result of something from our future.

I know the ramifications of that are terrifying, Mom, but just listen.

Maybe three months from now a guy is destined to be in a car accident. He doesn’t know that. How could he? All he knows is that his shoulder had been killing him for the last few days and he can’t figure out why.

But I can.

It’s an echo from a fixed point in the timeline. It had rippled down that freeway and settled where it came from in the future.

He is experiencing the consequences of the future, today.

Any one of our aches and pains could be blamed on a future event. A fall, a cut, even a death. We could be feeling the weak version of any of those things. We feel it all before it even comes close to being played out.

I tell you this, Mom, because you need to understand. You have to know why I am doing this.

Mom, I can’t go to school today. I simply cannot.

I am feeling the effects of the flu I will have in two weeks and I simply can’t get out of bed.


8 thoughts on “Ripples- Friday Flash

  1. Quite the elaborate excuse to stay home. 🙂
    On the other hand, it is an interesting concept–ripples from the future affecting the present.

    Minor point: I think you meant parallel, not perpendicular.

  2. I’d have to let her – him? – stay home just for being so intelligent, the child obviously needs no more schooling. 🙂

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