Published Works

Short Fiction                                                                             Poems

Provenance (2010)                                                    Oblivion’s Flame (2010)

Coffee Date (2010)                                                     Cold One (2010)

Lucky Day (2010)                                                       Found (2010)

The Dreams of Man (2010)

A Heckler’s Tale (2010)

Chasing Rabbits (2010)

Checking It Twice (2010)

Toot Toot (2011)                                                                Paperbacks

Repellent (2011)                                                              Dark Flutters

Icy Fingers (2011)                                                          Restless Highways

The Shadow (2011)                                                        Weaver of Darkness

Three Steps (coming in 2013)                             Bell, Book, and Sandals

The Trouble With Highways (2011)

 The Christmas Miracle (2012)



Dark Flutters: Stories For A Moonless Night (2011)

Weaver of Darkness (2011)

Strange Musings (2011)

Whispered Secrets: A Triple Shot of Darkness (2011)

Restless Highways (2011)

Harvest Moon (2011)

Unnatural Things (2012)

Bell, Book, and Sandals (2012)

It’s Not The Great Pumpkin, Maxie Duncan (2012)



Children’s Books

The Lullaby Dragons  

Blinky, The Great Halloween Fish


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