Ink Stains- Friday Flash


By Melissa L. Webb


She opened the worn leather book , its over-sized pages cracking with age.  She sneezed as the movement stirred the dust clinging to it as she turned to the last page. Her eyes drifted to the last bit of blank space left in the book.  How quickly time passed.  She’d written the first prophecy before time even started.  Now here she was, pen poised to document the Last Prophecy.  The one that would change everything.

She stared at her hands as she wrote, worn and wrinkled as the leather book.  The prophecies were her burden to carry; and she had for so long.  The words burned into her mind with such intensity they had to be bled onto the paper; either that or she would surely combust from within for containing such knowledge.

They weren’t hers to keep.  She was the messenger; only a slave to the paper and ink.  Yet…it was changing.   This was the last.  They were letting her go because there was nothing else to write.

Laying the pen aside, she stared at the words, weariness building in her like a wave.  Why was there only one left?

Leaning closer to the page, she blew, letting her dry, old breath seal in the ink, forging it there forever.  Her eyes drank in the words one last time, trying to release them from her mind.  Two lives separated must now become one.  The changing world must be undone.  The light in the darkness needs protected at all cost.  If it should fail, then all is lost.

She pushed the curiosity from her mind as she closed the old book, placing it on a shelf.  It blended in with the other books around it.  Now obsolete in this time of transition.

She walked away, her old bones creaking as she went.  The prophecy was no longer her burden.  It sat upon the shoulders of the oracles in the world below her.  Let them worry and fret, making sense from the words her mind bore.

It didn’t matter what it meant.  Only that it was the last.  She could move on, no more words and ink stains.  No more messages being forced into her mind.  She was free.

© 2015 Melissa L. Webb


Deals With Dragons- Friday Flash

Dragon, by Hokusai.

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This is an excerpt from a work-in-progress.  Enjoy.

Deals with Dragons

By Melissa L. Webb

The dragon looked at her, a little amused by her boldness.  “So, why are you here?”

The girl held her ground.  “I have come to tell you that your kind is no longer needed.”

“No longer needed?”  The dragon looked at her, his eyes burning into hers.  “You have no idea as to what you need.”

The girl glared back at him.  “Look, too many innocent lives have been taken because of you.”  She glanced downwards.  “I can bear it no longer.”

The dragon laughed as smoke trickled from his nose.  “As you remember, my dear, I only did what you asked me to.”

A tear formed in the corner of her eye.  “I know!  I shall bear these deaths a thousand times, but I forbid this to happen once more!”

“You forbid it?” the dragon snorted.  “Do not cross me, little girl.  Leave now and I may spare your life!”

“No!  I lost my brother because of you,” she screamed.  “You will die a hundred deaths for that.”  She picked up a sword lying by her feet.  Her brother’s sword.  She raced towards the dragon.

The dragon’s tail swung out and knocked the sword out of her hands.  It flew into a dark corner of the cave.

“I thought you were the one!  You could have been the Priestess of the Dragons.  The world could have been your playground,” the dragon growled.  “You are just like the rest of the human race.  Pathetic and weak!”  His massive paw reached out and struck her.  She flew back and struck the wall.  “I will kill you, wench.”

The girl crumpled to the floor.  She looked up, dazed, at the dragon.  “You have already killed me,” she muttered before she sunk back to the floor.

©2010 Melissa L. Webb